My name is jeremy hamann. I am a graphic designer and hand letterer based in Fullerton, California.

Raised in the beautiful Seattle, Washington, I grew up finding joy and life in artistic pursuits, though it wasn't until I relocated to California for college that I discovered my knack for graphic design. As a self-taught designer, I started off doing small projects for friends, taking on clients, printing apparel, eventually designing on staff for my university, and now pursuing the exciting life of freelance work!

Life has taken me many places I never expected to go. I graduated college with a major in Psychology. I've traveled the world (still a lot more to see) and experienced cultures in a deep way. I've worked as a maintenance man, an announcer for my college basketball team, a summer camp game guru, an event planner, a lighting grip, and an English teacher. All of these experiences have taught me something different about life and set me up to be the best graphic designer I can be.

My motto is to find Inspiration Everywhere. I often find my inspiration in diverse, and sometimes unlikely, places. Different things excite me at different times and there is beauty to pursue everywhere. As a graphic designer, I love getting excited about what inspires you to do what you do. I draw from that excitement to find inspiration for the work I produce for you!

I am constantly inspired by great stories, friends, family, and God to produce the best work I can. My job is to make sure my clients are happy and excited about the work I do for them and I will do whatever it takes to get you a product you'll love!