All photos courtesy of    Jon Boone

All photos courtesy of Jon Boone


brett mCcracken brand

author, critic, & theologian


Brett approached me as he was renovating his website, looking for a brand that would communicate something of who he is as a person and a professional writer. 

I asked him to share a bit of how he would describe his brand. He beautifully articulated exactly how he would describe his brand: curious, worshipful, contemplative, faith, connoisseur, critic, academic, conservative, quiet but bold.

the solution

I began the process by sketching out and conceptualizing different imagery that represented Brett's inspiration and work.

Eventually, I decided to pursue imagery that paid tribute to Gothic architecture. The intent of Gothic architecture, with it's sweeping vertical lines that conjoin in a focal point above, is to draw your eyes toward God. Similarly, Brett's work as a theologian and Christian author is to draw the reader's mind and heart to God.

Secondly, I created the logo mark utilizing negative space to form the shape of the pillar between the Gothic arches to represent the idea that not everything is found upon the first inspection.



The final logo mark draws inspiration from Gothic architecture and utilizes negative space to define its form.