Salmonberry Apartments Brand

The client approached me to produce a logo and brand identity for an apartment complex being developed in Washington. They wanted a logo they could use for their presentation to the city to add some extra flare so the city would approve their plans. I wanted their logo to be modern, as their area of Washington is developing rapidly, with many young professionals and families coming into the cities with the boom of new industry. I also wanted colors to be bright, using salmon as the base color, so as to grab people’s attention as well as stand out amongst the regularly gloomy days in the rainy Pacific Northwest.

The height of the letters in the logo mark represent a rising up of the apartment complex. The lines below represent the river below the complex, a distinguishing landmark of the area. The shape of the “S” is inspired to be a reduced representation of salmon traveling upstream and a simple leaf above the “B” calls out to the salmonberry after which the complex is named.

I wanted to use a wide variety of colors, each of which could be used as a primary background color or text color on a neutral background. This added visual interest and variety that could be implemented in different settings so the brand never felt boring or repetitive.

Door Signage Mock-Up.jpg